Why bother with…


Because staying in touch with your customers is a good idea. A very good idea.


Why bother with…


Because staying in touch with your customers is a good idea. A very good idea.



Newsletters. Not worth the paper they’re often not even written on, right?

Old fashioned things asking to be recycled or deleted from our inboxes as quickly as they arrive. Why would you bother?

Well, here’s one good reason. Newsletters are a perfect way of keeping in touch with your customers. The people who actually buy from you.

They’re a perfect way of positioning yourself as an expert (see also Blogs and LinkedIn articles).

They’re a good idea because neither email nor print has died out quite yet and not everybody uses social media and finds out what’s happening that way.

What is a newsletter?

There was a time when a newsletter was a printed document containing news and information about what a company, person, club or organisation was doing or had done.

It would be posted out to customers, members and anybody who had expressed an interest in knowing more about that organisation.

Because they had to be written, printed and posted, they were put together with great care and attention and often sent out fairly infrequently. Then email happened.

Suddenly everyone was sending email newsletters out. Some even sent them daily.

They seemed a great idea at first, until people found that their email inboxes were being clogged up with countless email newsletters that they really didn’t have time to read. So they started to unsubscribe. I’m sure you’ve done it yourself.

However, just because some newsletters are no good and don’t warrant anyone’s subscription doesn’t mean that yours has to be.

If you get them right, newsletters can win you new customers, persuade old ones to buy from you again and make sure people don’t forget who you are.

Newsletter copywriting services

Writing a newsletter is a fine art.

There are all manner of elements which have to be just right: the headline (or the subject in an email), the tone of voice (are you business-like? Chatty? Fun? Deadly serious?) and, finally, the content.

You’ve got to catch your reader’s eye straightaway with an introduction that just compels them to keep on reading.

Then you have to keep up the good work, making it impossible for them to close the email, put down the piece of paper or move onto someone else’s social media post.

If you’ve pushing a new offer, you’ve got to make it seem like the best offer in the world and make it incredibly easy for them to say yes.

It’s a little bit like writing a blog. Or a press release.

Which is why I offer it as a service.

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