Why bother with…

Press releases?

Because you want your story to be heard.


Why bother with…

Press releases?

Because you want your story to be heard.


I write press release copy for businesses because, as a former professional journalist, I know just how to give your story the best chance of being heard.

Press releases are a fantastic way to share your successes with the wider world – if they are written in the right way.

Journalists don’t have time to rewrite or even read every press release they are sent – so getting them right first time is crucial.

My 20+ years in journalism means I can find the angle that will capture their attention and write the story so that it won’t need editing at all. It will be able to go into the paper or onto the website as is.

I will also package them up perfectly for TV and radio journalists, working with them to ensure that it has the best possible chance of exposure.

Press release copy: What is it, exactly?

Let’s go back to basics. 

Press releases are documents sent out to journalists to tell them about something that’s about to happen or has already happened.

If you’re a small football club and you’ve just signed Lionel Messi, you will want to tell journalists about it. That way the story will make it into the newspapers, onto their websites and onto TV and radio. People will come and watch your club play.

Now if you’ve just signed Lionel Messi, it won’t really matter how well written your press release copy is. All those media outlets will pick up on it anyway.

But if your story isn’t quite so exciting, then writing the copy for the press release well is important. Very important.

You need to get the angle right (by which I mean the main focus of the story), include all the relevant information and ensure that the copy has its facts straight. There’s no point in sending in a press release about a big event on Friday August 7th if August 7th is actually a Saturday.

You need to make it very easy for the reporter to use the story. Journalists are busy people and by making life easy for them you give your story the best possible chance of exposure.

Adding photos with captions certainly helps; sending in a press release written exactly how a journalist would write it helps even more.

Which is where I come in.

Press release copywriting: Who is it for?

Press releases are for anybody and everybody.

Anybody with a story to tell. 

Some business owners might tell you that press releases aren’t worth bothering with because they have sent them in and not had any joy making the papers or whatever news outlet they have contacted.

There’s often a reason for that.

Maybe the press release is for a story that’s not actually much of a story at all.

Maybe it’s been sent to the wrong journalist.

Maybe it wasn’t sent on time.

Maybe it was written badly.

The great thing about working with me is that I can help with all of those things.

I can tell you what the chances are of your story being picked up by the media.

I can make sure that it’s sent to the right journalist, finding out their name and ensuring it lands in their personal inbox.

I can advise on when it needs to be sent in order to make deadline.

And I can write it so well that the reporter may well just open it and use it without making a single change.

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