My name is Andrew Greenhalgh and, at Strictly Words, I provide copywriting services for businesses in Wirral.

I write website copy (all the words you read on websites), blogs, emails, adverts, press releases, social media posts, brochures and newsletters.

I’m easy to talk to, will be able to write in a voice that suits your needs and appeals to your audience, and 

If you’ve got a website that’s not performing so well, never get around to writing blogs, or if your last social media post was asking your followers how long they thought this Covid malarkey would go on for, then you should really think about getting in touch. 

Why? Because working with a copywriter like me will save you time and bring in business.

When potential customers read the copy on your website or in an email you’ve sent them, those words either persuade them to buy from your business or to look elsewhere.

They don’t have an unlimited supply of time (in fact their attention spans are likely to be short), and they want to know if that business can help them.

They want their questions answered quickly and clearly, and they don’t want to be confused by what they are reading.

My writing is clear, concise, gets to the point and turns potential customers into actual, fee-paying customers. 

Plus… if you panic when faced with a blank screen or piece of paper, why not hand your writing over to someone who loves one?

I’m a copywriter not just because I’m good at writing but because I love doing it. 

That passion for what I do comes across in my copy, which is YOUR copy when I’m writing for you.

That means that potential customers will pick up on it too. And if you were in their shoes, who would YOU rather give your money to – someone who is passionate about their work and is likely to do a good job or someone who really isn’t bothered about how good a job they do?

I specialise in writing for busy business owners who, quite frankly, have better things to do than write their own copy.

My clients don’t have time to waste. They want their copy to be well written and effective, but they don’t want to spend as much time working with a copywriter as they would on writing it themselves.

I work with the simplest and most complicated of briefs, in any way you want. The two of us can

  • Communicate over email
  • Talk on Zoom
  • Speak on the phone
  • Talk face-to-face

If none of those appeal, I can just:

  • Work from voice notes
  • Work from handwritten notes
  • Send you a Q&A and work from your answers

I don’t just want to provide you with great copy. I want to reduce your stress levels and make your life easier, not harder.

I am delighted I chose to work with Andrew of Strictly Words to help me re-write my Linked In profile and I know I will work with him again in the future!

In the briefing session he just “got” me, “got” my passion for helping others become sober and “got” the clients I want to work with. He is a genius wordsmith, with the right mix of serious and humour, getting to the nub of the offering in an engaging and interesting way. His turnaround was super quick and I was really impressed with how near to finished the first draft felt.

Gill McKay

Best Selling Author of 'Stuck: Brain Smart Insights for Coaches'

I thought I was quite good with words and that only I could write my copy because only I really know what I do and who I do it for and how I want it to feel and…and…and… and then I chatted with Andrew.

Not only is he a super lovely man who is lovely to chew the fat with, he also knows exactly how to get to the bottom of what you want to say and what the desired tone/flavour/vibe is.

He makes what I thought might be a painful, slightly frustrating process very easy and more than that – enjoyable! And of course I’m delighted with what he’s written AND it was fun. Who knew?

Jo Andrews

The Training Rock

Andrew recently wrote my Linked In Profile for me.

The process involved Andrew sending me a handful of questions, which I answered using Whatsapp Voice messages, so it didn’t take ME loads of time……and I was able to waffle a bit too! 😉

From this, Andrew (somehow) managed to pull out all of the important elements, while also capturing my style, so it still sounded like something I’d say too. The turnaround was literally just a couple of days!!

Thank you Andrew, I’d highly recommend you!

Traci Williams


I got in touch with Andrew as I was having a new website built and I just needed the copywriting.

I enjoy writing but it’s difficult to write about my own business.

We had a couple of Zoom calls, I sent him voice mails and Google Docs in answer to the questions he asked, and that was it.

A few days later he came back with all the copy for my site, written just as I had wanted it.
The copy was clear, well written and puts my message across really well.
I would highly recommend Andrew to any business owner.


Craig Parry

Appfluent Accounting

Our blogs keep your website fresh and ensure that you are seen as an expert in your field.

Blogs are good for business because they add fresh new content to your website.

Fresh new content is a factor Google takes into consideration when making its decision about what order websites are listed.

More blogs = new content = more likelihood that you will be on page 1. And that means more business.

Every blog we write for you is a chance to tell your clients and potential clients something that will be useful to them; something that shows you’re an expert in your field; it could just be to show them that you’re a human being. Blogs don’t always have to be serious or about work..

You can also use your blogs to create fresh social media content, making you more visible on LinkedIn, Facebook, the social network formerly known as Twitter (X) and Instagram.

If you’d prefer, we can write those posts for you too.

Whether you want blogs every week or every month, we take the pain out of it and make sure they are always written.

About Wirral

Whether you’re looking to start a new business or relocate your existing business, Wirral is worth considering for several reasons.

Compared to Liverpool, Cheshire and Manchester, Wirral’s cost of living is lower, as is the cost of doing business. What this means on a practical level is that overheads for rent, property, and other expenses are lower, allowing your business to invest more in growth and development.

Wirral is also easily accessible from Liverpool, attracting footfall from tourists and benefiting from a skilled and experienced workforce, particularly in sectors like advanced manufacturing and renewable energy. This provides your business access to talent and expertise.

Wirral residents also enjoy a high quality of life, with beautiful natural surroundings, a vibrant nightlife and peaceful living.

Overall, Wirral offers a unique combination of affordability, strategic location, a supportive community, a skilled workforce, and an exceptional quality of life, making it an attractive destination for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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